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Community partnerships, collaborations, and stakeholder groups use the Big Picture Approach to identify current community work and partners, gain a clear understanding of priority issues, identify root causes,achieve consensus for needed change, and adjust interventions until desired results are achieved.


The Big Picture Approach guides leaders through the steps while adhering to these guidelines:

·         Take a whole person or whole family perspective.

·         Promote alignment with other community actors, across silos.

·         Focus on local diagnoses of root causes and on broad systems change.

·         Address immediate problems as part of an aspirational strategy for long-term well-being.

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The Big Picture Approach works at multiple levels – from top leadership groups to neighborhood coalitions – and aligns the work across those levels by:

Aligning structures, goals and strategies.
Assuring mutually reinforcing interventions.
Assessing through shared measurements.
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Explore the navigation on the left side to learn more about the Big Picture Approach (see Overview) or any of the steps. Each step has a page that includes an overview, completeness checks to know when you’ve achieved this step, training materials and additional resources.