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Choosing the Right Path for Successful Scale Up: A Thought Leader Conversation with R. Sam Larson and James Dearing

You have a program that works. How do you get it to benefit more people? Should you partner with other organizations? How do you make sure you stay true to the model as you grow? These are some of the questions Sam Larson, James Dearing and Thomas Backer sought to answer in their report titled “Strategies to Scale Up Social Programs.” 

In the study commissioned by the Wallace Foundation, Larson, Dearing and Backer examined 45 diverse nonprofits and the choices they made in three areas: their partners, their approach to spreading their work, and their call on the balance between fidelity and flexibility.

Listen as Karen Pittman conversed with the authors on how to define scale, the emergence of a scale-up science, lessons learned and implications for the youth-serving field going forward.

Watch the recording here.

Publishing Date: 
October 23, 2018