We are thrilled to announce we will be going to Seattle for the 8th annual Ready by 21 National Meeting, April 23-25, 2019. We hope you will join us!



The Forum has had a long-standing commitment to bring what we are learning on the ground in communities into federal, state and local policy deliberations.  Doing so led us to manage the Children’s Cabinet Network and learn from these state, and increasingly local, policy leaders to solve tough problems and aim toward better outcomes for children and youth. In recent years we have seen a growing need to better focus on the allocation and alignment of resources at the local level to support and sustain smart investments in young people.  Through partnerships with national membership organizations that naturally convene state and local policymakers we seek to provide resources, tools, examples and networking opportunities to help policymakers improve their work in partnerships, with data and evidence and with resources. The Forum is also active at the federal level where we work with government staff to advance the use of evidence in policymaking. Many child and family serving agencies are increasingly turning to evidence in order to better administer and improve their current programs. The Forum frequently publishes new materials on evidence-based policymaking and provides opportunities for federal career staff to discuss new innovations and common challenges in regular convenings.


Federal Policy:

Evidence-Based Policymaking

The Forum encourages policymakers to support the use of evidence across all levels of government. The Forum’s work focuses on five key principles: (1) integrating multiple types of evidence into decision-making, (2) elevating evaluation, (3) encouraging revenue neutral approaches to scaling the use of evidence, (4) advancing evidence-based practices, and (5) focusing on the science of youth readiness. The Forum’s efforts include publications, webinars, in-person events, advocacy and consultation.


State and Local Policy:

Children's Cabinet Network

The Children’s Cabinet Network, managed by the Forum, is the only national network of policy coordinating bodies for children and youth (Children’s Cabinets, P-20 Councils, Early Childhood Advisory Councils). Members of the Network share best practices and learn more about tools that focus on bringing efficiency and effectiveness to their efforts to improve outcomes for young people.


Children's Funding Project

The Children’s Funding Project is the Forum’s commitment to update, consolidate and strengthen the guidance, examples, tools and strategic supports we provide to local decision-makers to not only coordinate and set goals but find, align, and generate the resources needed to achieve them, and assess and monitor the value of these investments based on evidence of what has worked nationally and what is working in their communities.