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Youth Today: Let's Make Youth Work a Field

By Karen Pittman, September/October 1992

There is an unprecedented opportunity to move a national youth agenda that has development, rather than deterrence, as it’s base. Frustration with two decades of fragmented policies and programs aimed at reducing youth problems has peaked. I sense a willingness, even an eagerness, to embrace a new philosophy.

Youth Today: Truth in Labeling

By Karen Pittman, July/August 1994

Youth Today: S.O.S. for Youth

By Karen Pittman, September/October 1994

Youth Today: Strength in Unity

By Karen Pittman, November/December 1994

Youth Today: Hazardous Waste

By Karen Pittman, January/February 1995

Youth Today: Changing the Odds

By Karen Pittman, March/April 1995

Youth Today: Rebuilding Community Block by Block

By Karen Pittman, May/June 1995

Neighbors. Everyone over 40 tells the story of how if they did something wrong two blocks away, their parents knew about it before they got home. There is widespread agreement that those days are gone. Neighbors have either gone to work, moved to the suburbs, or been silenced by fear of youth violence and parental indifference.

There were no neighbors present in the Fredricksburg, Virginia, convenience store on April 17th when six customers watched a 17-year-old brutally beat a clerk to the floor. No one stopped the teen, no one called the police, no one helped the bloodied clerk. The concept of neighbors seems to be in danger of extinction.

Youth Today: Maybe It Is Rocket Science

By Karen Pittman, July/August 1995

Youth Today: Where's the Market?

By Karen Pittman, September/October 1995

Youth Today: A Realist’s View of Child Poverty

By Karen Pittman, November/December 1995