We are thrilled to announce we will be going to Seattle for the 8th annual Ready by 21 National Meeting, April 23-25, 2019. We hope you will join us!



Our flagship training opportunities are the Ready by 21 Learning Labs. The Learning Lab is a practical, hands-on three-day workshop and coaching session designed for backbone leaders, steering committee members, and other partners actively involved in collective impact.

The workshop is designed for leaders who are thinking about how the critical tasks of collective impact efforts can be staged and sequenced in order to move steadily towards improving outcomes.  It is particularly useful for those in the early stages of forming or planning a collective impact initiative, or in the process of re-igniting or refreshing their initiative for the next phase of joint work.  Special emphasis is given to tools and techniques that help leaders align and connect multiple issues and initiatives, identifying areas for joint planning and action.

Why attend the Ready by 21 Learning Lab?

The Ready by 21 Learning Lab is a unique event – a hands-on workshop that has been held numerous times over the past 3 years. The workshop is designed around the Forum for Youth Investment’s Big Picture Approach – a recurring five-step process partnerships can use to design, implement and improve their work.  As co-developers and deliverers of this learning lab, the Forum for Youth Investment, FSG and the Collective Impact Forum work together to bring the latest in collective impact dialogue, research, examples and facilitation techniques to the learning experience.

Workshop Features

·         An intimate small-group coaching atmosphere (limited to 40 participants).

·         Valuable ideas and tools to infuse into your initiative from the practice-based curriculum.

·         Help getting started in your work, for those in newer collective impact initiatives or taking on new staff or “backbone” roles

·         Ideas for how to get “unstuck” from ongoing challenges, for leaders of more experienced CI initiatives  

·         Opportunities to meet and learn from peers doing similar work in communities around the country.

 GROUP DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE.  Teams are encouraged to attend and can greatly benefit from action planning together through the workshop curriculum. 


Learn More

The next Collective Impact Learning Lab will take place October 23-25, 2018 in Silver Spring, Maryland.  
Click here for more information. 


Attended a Previous Training?

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Custom Learning Sessions

Bring our training to you! Our on-site training program is a cost-effective and great way to help your full leadership team and/or key stakeholders to take a big picture approach. The BPA Consulting team works constantly with communities and states across the country to improve their efforts and the team brings their best practices and thinking to you.  By designing an on-site training program to match your specific needs, we work with you to develop and execute a training that meets you where you are and amplifies your efforts to improve outcomes in your community. 


Ready by 21 National Meeting

Every year, the Ready by 21 National Meeting brings together hundreds of leaders from around the country who are working to get all young people ready by 21 – for college, work and life. These leaders have dedicated themselves to improving the odds for children and youth through collective impact initiatives, policy alignment and program quality improvement. The Ready by 21 National Meeting is a unique learning opportunity where you will get to explore research, strategies and stories about building partnerships, improving program quality, aligning policies, expanding learning and embracing readiness.