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A Big Picture Approach to Community Impact

Empowering Partnerships to Change Outcomes

Every day, leaders across America launch exciting ideas to improve lives.

They bring together the smartest people in their communities to tackle the toughest problems. Armed with great intentions and unbound ambition, they .  .  .

Form partnerships.

Set goals.

Work hard.

Make progress.

Hit roadblocks.

Miss goals.

And then they wonder . . .

What can they do differently to achieve real impact?

The Big Picture

To make broad-scale change that lasts, community partnerships must address the complex and interconnected challenges that impede progress. They need to take a Big Picture Approach to community change.

A Big Picture Approach helps leaders build the infrastructure to manage change in their communities.

This approach, created by the Forum for Youth Investment and Community Systems Group, follows five field-tested steps that align with the five steps of collective impact. (The Forum is a member of FSG’s Collective Impact Forum.)


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